CULTURAL LESS0NS - dance, gamelan, painting
Classical Balinese Dance ,Gamelan & Painting lesson.
Balinese gamelan is an ensemble of instruments indigenous to the island of Bali in Indonesia ("gamelan" means "orchestra"). The instruments include small bronze pentatonic xylophones, various gongs, flutes, drums and other percussion.
Balinese Gamelan music, dance and painting are a unique and colorful part of everyday Balinese life. There are more than 45 different types of Balinese gamelan orchestras, hundreds of dances and a thousand of Painting. However, few people are aware that some of these art-forms are rare and even endangered. Due to modernization, globalization, misguided tourism and a generally faster-paced way of life, the older traditions have lost popularity—in some cases, disappeared completely. Any how there is some activities available here as follows:
• Balinese Gamelan Lesson
• Dance Lesson
• Painting lesson

Prices: US $ 10 / hour / person

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