Description of the tour
We begin by whisking you away from your accommodation to the most beautiful Mountain View in Bali. Hundreds of years of volcanic eruptions have resulted in spectacular deposits of lava and black sand across which we trek to discover to the hidden paradise of Bali.
Trekking the arid landscape of the caldera, from the peak of mount Batur We watch with awe as the sun rises and casts its rays on the amazing panorama of the caldera and lake Batur within. Observe the steaming fissures of the volcano, hot enough to cook an egg. Along the way back we can visit Bali Agro tourism coffee plantation and retuning to the hotel after a day filled with adventure and fun.

Schedule - Pick Up Time:
Ubud Sanur  Kuta Jimbaran & Nusa Dua
03.00 am 02.30 am 02.00 am 01.00 am
Please book 1 day in advance - minimum 2 persons

  Ubud Sanur  Kuta, Jimbaran & Nusa Dua
adults US $ 50/person US $ 60/person US $ 70/person
children US $ 40/child US $ 50/child US $ 60/child

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